Various Favorite Links


Fast Swing Dancing
Face to Face with a Mtn Lion
Roller Skating Extreme
Strength and Balance Extreme
People Are Awesome 2014
Richest People Spending
Mtn Biking Where?
Unbelieveable Miniature Cities
Motorcycle Crash---miracle landing
Date Night
Insane Traffic Intersection
Billiards Champion
Amazing HD Feats
Fantastic Marriage Proposal
Gas Pump Karaoke
Missing Square Puzzle

Extreme Mountain Biking

Best Sling Shot Man
Why Retire?
Bicycle Stunts 1
Beauty Of Mathematics

Totally Amazing Harmonica in Carnegie Hall

Dad's Car

Guys, are Girls the Weaker Sex?

Bicycle Girls

Flexible Lady

Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl Piano Player

Think you can Rollerblade better?

Everything Is Possible with training and practice

One Arm Push-ups like you've never seen

Ultimate Tower Climb

High Voltage Worker

Drum Show

DWTS ?(Who could dance like this to win?)


Fastest Roller Coaster

Spooky Motorcycle Trail Ride

This is Hiking?

Life Transformation Skit

Break Dancing Like You've Never Seen

Juggling to Music

Juggling Beyond


Yo-Yo 2

Yo-Yo 3

Yo-Yo 4
iPhone Band

Dancing Duo

Football Brilliance 1

Never again complain about your commute to work

Child Opera Singer

Surprising Voice

Best Tenor Youth?

Transporting Bricks on your head

Cementing In Africa

Life on an Aircraft Carrier


Human Flying

Speed Jump Roping

Just try to keep a dry eye

Obama Promises

Stunt Car


Insane Downhil Bicycle

People Are Great

Coaster With No Brakes

3,000 Coins on One Dime

Trampoline Wall Tricks




Elephants through reception area

Talking Dog

Dolphin Intelligence

Dolphins and Mirror

Dolphin Documentary

Elephant Painting Talent

Pet Bear

Gorrillas 98.6% Human

Cats vs Dogs :)

Cats and Water

Reincarnated Person into a Dog? :)

Dogs are Awesome TOO

Dancing Mexican Dog

You won't believe the ending

WoodPecker vs Snake

Dog's Morning Pee

Tightroping Goat

Dancing Parrot





Largest Glacier Calving

Life Of Flowers

Cotopaxi Volcano at night

Haiti Disaster Aftermath

NW Washington 2010 Winter Rain

Landslide in Brazil

Earth Arial Photography

Glacier Calving

Tsunami 1

Phenomenal Photos 1





Roller Coasters Extreme
3D Jet Engine Printed
Space Shuttle Launch Audio/Visual
Pacific Sun Cruise Ship during rough seas

Hubble Video to Stun You


Monster Shredder


Ultimate Hot Wheels Set Ever

Astronomical Clock Tower

How Many Satellites around Earth?

Honda Commercial (Imagine how many attempts to get it right)

Sawstop in Super Slow Motion

Tractor Refuses To Give Up

Road Train

Spherical Flying Machine



Buildings etc

20 million sq ft mall (329 football fields)

Largest Dam



Favorite VideoCams

HD Hero2

Art Of Flight Trailer



Cant' Stop Laughing

Awkward Stars

Funniest Horse Ever

Best Of Gags 1

Bill Cosby Understanding Southern

Men and Doghouses

Return to the Doghouse

Bloopers 1

Bloopers 2

Wrong Number

Tim Conway 1

Tim Conway 2

Tim Conway---Fireman
Tim Conway---Fireman Continued

Don't Judge Too Quickly

Romatic Ballad

Copper Clappers

How to enjoy a colonoscopy

The Man Song


Little Casanova